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Unless you have arrived at my website out of sheer curiosity or as an unintended result of a search engine error, you are likely seeking the services of a clinical psychologist either because you are doing so out of self—motivation or because you have decided to follow the recommendations of a friend, a family member, your insurance carrier, or a personal health care professional.

As a professional discipline, psychology is "the science of human behavior." There are several types of psychologists and their training and experience may be in the areas of scientific research, academics and teaching, human development, industry and business organizations, school counseling, or mental health treatment. Clinical psychology is both a science and healing art focused on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. Clinical psychologists use diagnostic and treatment methods which have been derived from scientific research (in both laboratory and "real life" settings). Generally, our treatment methods are geared toward changing perceptions, thinking patterns, and life habits to bring about desired personal changes which result in a more positive and satisfying life experience for the person(s) seeking help. Although, in recent years, a small number of clinical psychologists have completed training which allows them to prescribe medications as part of client treatment, the vast majority of clinical psychologists do not prescribe medications and instead coordinate with medically trained professionals such as psychiatrists and primary care physicians should biochemical interventions to manage overwhelming physical symptoms (e.g. severe panic, disabling lethargy & depression) be indicated as an essential component of a potentially successful treatment plan. The services I provide and the ways I may be of service to you are explained by clicking on the subject headings at the top of this page.


I am an approved provider on most of the major health insurance plans.  Each prospective client is advised to verify my provider participation with his or her insurance plan.  Currently, I am a provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield (regular and PPO), Aetna, Magellan, Cigna, Medcost, Value Options, Compsych, First Health,  AGS, United Behavioral Health, United  Healthcare,Great West and Medicare*.


A Qualified Psychologist Can Help:

Appropriate psychological services (e.g. mindfulness/relaxation training; individual, couples' or group psychotherapy) applied either singly or as an adjunct to needed medical or psychiatric treatments can hasten an individual's return to physical health and emotional well-being. 

What Does Research Show About the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy?

Psychological interventions which enhance self-confidence, promote a sense of belonging, safety, and self-esteem are associated with reduced physical complaints of all kinds (e.g., pain, fatigue and nausea).  

Psychotherapy has been found to increase survival time for heart surgery and cancer patients, and it can have positive effects on the body's immune system (American Psychological Association, 1998)

Did you Know??

Having good mental and emotional health helps you make sound decisions with life's challenges at home, work and school. Research increasingly supports the fact that emotional and physical health are closely linked. The mind-body connection is undeniable. More than 44 million Americans suffer from a mental health disorder (National Institute of Mental Health). Nearly two-thirds of all people with mental health disorders do not seek treatment